Alive, Nonetheless

Whenever I leave the house, I would make it a habit of looking at the faces of everyone that I would meet – some wear sullen faces, others blank and pale, while others seem to have drifting thoughts. Maybe they’re worrying about their bills or their health or their partners. Maybe some of them are in deep pain and are contemplating suicide. Others may have been pummeled harshly by life’s tribulations and unfairness. But whatever they’re feeling, or struggling with, there stands one undeniable truth that I dare not shove aside: That they are still alive. Struggling, barely hanging on, but very much alive, nonetheless.

And that makes them capable to change the course of their lives. They may be having a hell of a time right now, and there seems to be an endless spawn of wickedness and pain coming their way, but it’s surely not a new thing to them, nor to all of us.

How about you, what kind of expression is your face painting right now? What kind of mood are you setting to greet this week? It’s Monday, and for most of us, this is the least popular day for the working class, as well as for those who are still studying. But think of it this way: if we are going to deal with it anyway, why not make it fun and peaceful instead?

If there’s something that needs to be abandoned, then do so. That burden must not be necessary to help you get through the week. If you need rest, then promise yourself you’re going to sleep early tonight. If you need to break away from the world and all its woes just to clear your head for a moment, then pray for a cloudless night, then treat yourself to a shower of a million stars. Find a place where you can sit down in awe of nature. Surround yourself with people who’ll lift you up, because more often than not, they are the ones who really matter, and are worth-keeping.

But don’t ever waste this day by forgetting to say to yourself, “I’m still breathing. I must still be alive. I might as well make myself feel alive.”

Have a happy week!


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