A Brief Discouse on Technology

Just a minute ago I heard someone discuss the never-ending debate on whether technology has given us more benefits than problems, or not. They compared how such advancements has changed the social landscape for good (or bad) and they even came to the point of encouraging us to read paperback books.

While the discussion sounded correct and objective, I stopped to listen to something else beneath it: their voice and their perspective.

Their voice were quite plain, blandly-accented, and, old. Those signs suggest that they lived well before Facebook, or Friendster were even conceived. Well, most of us are, but they surely belonged to the generation who loved Elvis more than Ariana. I hope no one’s offended by my stereotyping, but I believe I have fairly established my point there. They grew up in a different world, albeit a lesser vain one. But that does not justify their point.

But allow me to have a little diversion first before I rebut their opinion.

If we were given the chance to go thirty or forty years back, how fat is the chance for us to say yes? The global climate might be a bit better, and there won’t be bitter and imbecilic remarks such as walang forever, and no one would be paying cash for something they can’t even eat or hardly benefit from, such as those green gems in the game Clash of Clans. No, people would be more reasonable, intelligent, and kinder than those who are currently visiting this wordpress account, not to mention the one who owns this.

Now seriously, was I able to brainwash you with such half-truths? So honestly, you would like to relive the Martial Law? You want to be a member of the overly-pious religious groups who condemned homosexuals as if they were the modern-day lepers? You’d settle for faith-healers and lolo ambo or whoever quack doctor your barrio had instead of seeking treatment from the hospital? We laugh at them now, but these were prominent during those times, when people held on to their superstitions and old ways instead of embracing change.

Technology has helped us a lot. Period. Thanks to Science for those medicines and for business experts for outsourcing some manpower. The world is changing rapidly, and if we’re careful and wise, then we can surely cope up with it, just like the rest of the world.

It’s at our fingertips. How are we going to utilize our smartphones? Are we going to visit a porn site, or CNN? Will we go playing Clash of Clans all day or download and read a book instead? Are we going to listen to hate music or listen to Jentezen Franklin or Bill Johnson or Joseph Prince instead?

All in all, what you do with technology reflects who you are. By the way, who are you?

I will further discuss this this weekend.

Spend your Choose-day wisely. 


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