Why is ‘Why’ Important?

Many Atheists who have a strong inclination to Science and Scientism have dismissed the importance of the questions that start with the word “Why.” We all know that Science, which deserves credit for all its stickiness and potency to bandage the problems we humans ourselves have introduced to this good Earth, only answers the questions “How,” but fails at answering why things occur and leaves the deeper questions out.

It’s easy to explain how the Universe came to be, but it leaves us all scratching our heads and massaging our chins when we ask, “Why did the Universe exist? What is the purpose of it?”

Many have ignored those questions and regard them irrelevant, nonsense.

But have they forgotten that people started to seek wisdom and knowledge when they asked, “Why is the sky blue?” Or, “Why do people die when you cut their heads off?”

Do you remember the so-called “Fight of the Century” which turned out to be the greatest irony in the history of Boxing? Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. trained, maintained their weight, then made themselves as intimidating as can be to each other. And when the real fight came, all the bets, the tickets, the predictions, even our attention, went all for naught. Why? We expected something else. We had expectations; they gave us reasons to expect, and we were all disappointed.

They trained hard, studied the fighting stance and strategy of each other, learned the strengths and weaknesses of each, but the outcome was nothing short of sickening disappointment.

But here’s the thing: the only thing that made the difference in that arena was the question why.

What was the reason why Manny fought? What was the reason why, despite of Floyd’s advantage in terms of arms’ length, all he did was hug and run away from Manny, as Pacquaio said after the fight? Mayweather is an expert counter-attacker, yet it seemed he got craven during that time. Why? What was Floyd after? What was motive for finally facing Manny in the ring?

All that made the difference is the answer to the question, “Why.”

I rest my case.


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