The YOLO Principle

Something extraordinary happened to me last night. Yes, I’m certain I did not dream it, so keep reading.

Last night, I slept. A lot. Okay, I wasn’t very tired the whole day; I pretty much read and ate and engaged myself in trifles, as I can recall. So this is a big thing for me since I’ve made myself sleep for only four hours during the night, and I’ve been doing this for years now. I would play a game, watch a movie, read a book, chat with someone who’s at the other end of the world, and night-dream (since daydreaming won’t be a correct term when the sun is not around). Sometimes I even come home very late. But whatever I do, I always make sure to sleep very late at night because I believe somebody will die tomorrow and there’s no guarantee I won’t be that person. Seriously though, before the YOLO term ever became popular, I have practiced it.

But over the years I’ve suffered a lot by altering my circadian rhythm. In other words, uh, body clock. Sometimes I become so dumb I wonder where my common sense went. A lot of times I would meet someone who’d smile at me and of course, I would return it with a smile too. But once we turn our backs I’d be scratching my head, wondering about that person’s name. My brain cells must not be as abundant as they were years ago. I have killed them, because I believed that one day I will die and I didn’t want to miss on anything.

That mentality is correct in one sense; I just browsed for quotes from popular people on Goodreads and most of them imply the YOLO principle. However if we do not take care of ourselves we are sure to be like the most of them soon enough – dead. 

While we are living each day, we ought to count it as our last by enjoying life. But if we’re not very careful then those days might just be all that we have to live on. It’s good to live one day at a time but it won’t help one reach his destiny if he dies before he even fulfills it. 

What would have happened had Mandela died before he was even released from prison? What could have happened to the US had Abraham Lincoln YOLO-ed after losing his wife?

Here’s something I’ve realized just recently: those people who’ve told us to YOLO, are the ones who have experienced death already – death to themselves and to their selfish causes. 

They lived in light of serving others.

They weren’t into ‘fun’ anymore; they were living for someone else. For them, the only fun worth having is to delight in the sight of the people they love, whose lives are being changed for the better because of a sense of purpose and the act of fulfilling it, out of love for those who mean the whole world to them. 

To laugh with them, to pant with them after reaching that treacherous summit, to offer their gifts and skills and breath for those who deserve their best selves and all – those are the things that should make the YOLO principle worth applying.

For that, I will be taking good care of my body. I don’t care if I’ll be missing on a lot of fun tonight (it’s Friday!); it’s living another healthy tomorrow with the ones I love that’s sure to be way more fun.


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