How did you start your day? By a prayer? By impulsively grabbing your phone for messages that went unread last night? Did you have your run or a breaking of the fast? Was my blog the first thing you visited today? I am flattered. Well, whatever you did, be sure to remember what you’re waking up for.

Is it a lifelong dream? Or a family you’re taking care of? Remember.

Remember what makes you get up in the morning. You may be stuck in a rut right now, like I believe I am, but we have got to keep pressing on anyway. You may be financially dry right now, like I am, but let’s fight the temptation to borrow money we can do away with, because we understand that we will have to pay it back tomorrow or the next. Hopefully we do plan to pay back whatever we owe.


What makes up a worthy dream at night? Is it the smile of your kids? The house that you haven’t had yet? A sweet cruise with your partner to the Atlantic? Or the fragrance of the cherry blossoms near Fuji?

Your present situation may be as distant as it seems, but one must understand that it all starts from there.

A vision, a dream.

Maybe it’s ridiculous to hold on to something that isn’t tangible, literally speaking. But the greatest minds this world has ever had were the ones who saw things before they even were possible. They saw the dream. They conceived the dream.

And they gave birth to it, leaving us with a legacy that we can barely appreciate.



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