The Truth that Lies on those Desires

Last week I stated something that implies that we are more than what we believe. That is in direct contrast to the famous and the generally accepted belief that we are what we believe, that we are what we think. 

Someone told me about her encounter with a well-dressed woman who spoke like a cosmopolite. She told my friend about her travels and her assets. She really did looked like a billionaire, based on her appearance and the tall tales she told. But when the woman asked for my friend’s boss, the visage melted and her real identity and psychological condition was revealed. She asked for this certain someone to be summoned, because she was saying that this person owed her some money. After a series of questioning, my friend was able to confirm her doubts. The woman was insane. Well, if one was a billionaire, what would a meager amount of money be to her? If she really has traveled to many places, how come she can’t even own a single car?

Now when we look at the world’s economic state today, we can see three kinds of people: the ones at the top of the ladder, the others who are still climbing it, and the ones who are at the bottom. Now if we were to be asked, “In which group of people do I belong?”

The answer to that question depends on the standpoint of the person. If one should look at it in the mere economic perspective, with the assets-liabilities stuff, the most frequent answer would be those who are still climbing the ladder. However, those are very bleak conditions again since nobody has indicated how much a person must have for him to be able to belong to a certain group. Again, the same issue with our ‘uncertainties’ in our identity.

It all falls to the point of reference. The bigger question is, which should be the most valid reference? Pop Culture? Religion? Science? Our families and peer groups?

While some are good calibrators of our worth and definers of our identity, yet these will not be enough until we live on the correct beliefs. Even if the Bible may be full of guides to victory, but if the person reading it does not understand the instructions, it’ll still be useless.

We are in dire need of a standard, of a valid point of reference.

Today we have a lot of good definitions of feminism, sexism, homosexuality, etc. and we try to live by those rules. But how long, pray, for the definitions to change again? Before, homosexuality was considered a disease; now it’s plainly normal. I wonder, would there be a time when masculinity becomes a disease? Because the last time I checked, the media has become filled with feminists and boys who don’t know what it means to become a man. And the former would always watch out for any words the latter would say, and should they cross the line again, the public would be against them. The court will be too.

It appears to me that our identities have been dressed in a relative definition. But I will present some identical characteristics that all humans have which could cast a doubt on our constructed beliefs, though my observations may be weak and unpopular.

One is our identical desire for music. We all love music. So don’t include it in one of your unique desires because we all love music. It has something to do with our health, yes, but studies show that some music are destructive to our health. So the desire for music is not just there because the body likes it; others love those other genres even though the body does not get any medical benefit from it. So it has to be a desire that transcends medicinal purposes. So does dancing and art in any form, and also jesting. Not all are gifted in those areas but we all love to watch or listen to someone who are. 

Another is traveling. When we get old, what would most of us dream to do? To sit on our granny’s rocking chair all year long and watch our skin decimate? We love to see sights. We thirst for adventure.

Third is leadership. We all want to be at the top. We all want to lead and we hate it when someone lords over us. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me on this area? Oh please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can enslave you to your heart’s content; I’d be happy to. This is related to strength and power, though they are still different things.

Fourth, is power. Nobody wants to feel afraid. We all want to be capable of doing what we want. We long to hear someone tell us of an impossible task and then we would attempt to prove it false. We want to outdo ourselves.

Last that I know of, is beauty, in the general sense of it. We all want to be appreciated and cherished and be found irresistible and indispensable. This applies both to heterosexuals and homosexuals.

All these reveal something about us, and it’s something that’s become very foreign to us. If you’ve noticed, these have been the very ones that were attacked by the enemy, if you agree with me that we have one. All these attacks have been the attempt to usurp us from our thrones and households. And it’s because we were meant to be kings (or queens) and sons (or daughters).

I guess I’ll have to cut it again here. See you next week, Your Grace.


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