A Christian’s Open Letter to the Intelligentsia

Dear Intelligent Friend,

You most probably do not know me; neither do I. But we both know that the sides we’ve taken have caused us to drift apart – at least our ancestors thought so.

But in this letter I do not represent them. I only represent myself, and the others who think and believe like I do. And I hope you’ll stay around for what I’m about to say; I hope your ears and mind are open, unlike those who are on my side.

I sincerely ask for an apology for the things close-minded, religious people have said and done to you and your kind. Forgive us for not believing you when you said that the black plague didn’t have anything to do with God’s wrath, and everything to do with lice and rats. Sorry for insisting that the Earth was the center of the universe. We now know it isn’t. We admit our laziness in finding out the answer as to why droughts and storms come, and why pests devour our crops. You see, the locusts ate our produce, and our primeval human reaction was to blame something, or someone. We didn’t know anything; I wished we did. I wished we did.

But now we do, thanks to you. Because you loved humanity so much, that’s why you still sought for the cure for tuberculosis and measles when we thought there was no way. It’s all because you listened to your hearts and trusted your gut when your curiosity wouldn’t let you sleep at night. Oh how soundly the world sleeps each night because you sacrificed weeks and months of sleep just to find the answers.

This doesn’t erase the past, I know. And it’s not why I am writing an open letter of apology to all the brilliant people whom the religious institutions have misjudged, hanged, and belittled.

We have offended you. It was because we were too arrogant and too scared of change. But now we see that somehow, change is good.

Science must be your God now (see I have capitalized the first letter too, to pay my respects), and there’s no problem about that. After all, we are all free to believe whatever we choose to. Neither has it been our job to change others, including their beliefs. 

But now I realize that we too have offended the God whom we were supposed to honor and serve. He told us to be good stewards of this good Earth, yet we didn’t do our duty to understand how. Thank you, because you taught us that even though those dried leaves might not inspire order and cleanliness, but those are the little things that keep this planet alive. We appreciate your discoveries on respecting each and everyone’s little place, even the mushrooms, by the lesson about the extinction of the dodo birds. We’ll do well to respect each’s right to live.

But as you see, we only have one planet to take care of, and one planet to enjoy. And we cannot do our duties if we’re going to continue hating each other and holding on to the grudges of the past – one planet is too small for the both of us, in that case. So let us work together, if it pleases you.

I cannot do much by myself, I admit. I still cannot figure out how to cure AIDS, and I myself cannot find a sure means to prevent the spiralling of this planet downwards, but tell me of what I can do to help, and I will. I’d carry your books for you. I’d be willing to convince those on my camp that we have had enough of strife and unforgiveness.

Once, I had a heated argument with a Secular Humanist, and I got really angry not because he was making any point, and neither did I find his statements logical. But I couldn’t take every word he said because he was offending my Jesus. Now, I got reminded that the Jesus I believe in was willing to suffer at the hands of men, just for the sake of love. He was willing to give up His life, because He was fighting for a higher cause. That’s what you’ve been doing from the beginning, I believe. I intend to do that too, starting right now.

Whatever that is, we can both agree that it’s worth more than any offense that each has made on the other.

We may hold very different beliefs, but deep down inside we are still the same. We are humans, and we are all capable of humane acts. I appeal to you as a person who admits his weakness; after all, we didn’t become Christians because we were good enough, and never will we be. But I believe that you are the better men, and you, of all men, do know better than to repay evil with evil.

Faith, Hope, and Love have always been the most important things for us. I believe it is for you too. So I ask that we work together. And may we find the answers that would put our weary souls at peace, together.


A Christian who has Read Grolier Encyclopedia Before He Stumbled Upon the Bible


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