Love Has Won

I am a Christian, and I believe in love. Now I understand that almost everyone’s affected by what just happened a couple of days ago, and believe me, I really wanted to stay quiet about this. But my friends have been greatly affected, and so, I cannot stay still.But I know a good number of people are ready to call me a bigot just because I said that I am a Christian. Oh, let them. They, of all people, should know how it feels to be judged by others without even knowing them or their side. So let the Christian haters out there hate me and call me a double-standard bastard just because I said I’m a Christian. Heh.

One other thing: I will not tolerate anyone who believes that love is just a mere secretion of hormones to have a voice here. It’s kind of confusing, because I’m talking about love. Yes, the same four-letter word that the homosexual community had been fighting for for decades. It’s kind of hypocritical to support the homosexuals while believing altogether that the cause they’re fighting for is nonsensical. 

They might as well tell the LGBT community this: Hey, stop fighting for your cause. Don’t marry, because don’t you know that you can just do away with it, since love is just a mere excitation of the endocrine system?

Of course, even if love is just an illusion for others, it’s still a good feeling, right? The feeling of having someone care for you, the euphoria of a kiss, etc.

No. It’s delusional to think of it that way, since for love to win, it has to fight against hatred. Against all those bad-mouthing and judgment and all those legal procedures. 

So meaning to say, you are willing to endure harsh criticism and hatred just for the sake of an embrace? Then it proves that love is something more than mere hormones.

Okay, I guess they are gone. Now we can talk about love.

First, I have to admit, it’s really hard for me to celebrate with you. I even had to reorient myself as to what love is, and ask myself if we’re referring to the same thing. Love wins, huh? So what do you call those who do not agree with you? Sowers of hatred? Yes, it’s been given that we believe in the Bible, and for us, it’s more important than our personal convictions and preferences. And the thing that I had to remind myself over and over is that the God that this Bible speaks of, loves you.

Yes, you, who has a rainbow-colored display photo on your Facebook. You, who are in love with someone who’s of the same sex. Why, yes, you, who had been attempting suicide for years now because you could not bring yourself to be straight after all the restraints and the unforgiveness you’ve brought on yourself. Yes, the God that we Christians believe in loves you as He loves me. I did not want to agree with the Bible on that, but it has nothing to do with me. It is the Word of the King, and the King says that He so loves the world that He sent His Son to save it from all the brokenness it’s been experiencing since time immemorial. And that includes the hypocrite (where I might be included in), the murderer, the beggar, the Atheist, the Muslim, the addict, and, undeniably, you, my dear homosexual friend.

You see, I have no right to be loved by this God. Yet He loves me, and has embraced me when I couldn’t even forgive myself for all my sins and failures and short-sightedness. He still does today.

But that does not necessarily mean that He has to agree with me all the time. We are very different, this God and I. And when I flip through the pages of the Bible I read a lot of stuff that make me uncomfortable. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not commit murder nor adultery nor fornication. Do not sleep with a man. Do not sleep with your mom.

If you don’t want to read any further, then you are free to leave right now. But you see, love is not always a fuzzy feeling. It’s not always comfortable – our Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross proved our petty notions about love as wrong. 

And, love is not always fair. This Jesus was tortured and spat at and called names and ridiculed and beaten. Do you know what He was guilty of? None. Go on, read the Bible to confirm. 

But He was crucified nonetheless.

So what I’m trying to say is that love is not condoning sin. Love is not delighting in evil. Love is not lying to your friend, telling that it’s okay to sin since everybody does. Love is not staying silent when your beloved is wreaking havoc upon himself. Love is not always about tolerating others.

Others say that you cannot be genuinely accepting or tolerating of someone when you do not agree with them or supports them of their personal decisions or whatever they want to do with their lives. Heck, if we believe that then we are the sorriest lot of people this world has ever seen, because our parents must really hate us. I mean, they gave us education and clothing and they sacrificed a lot just so we may have a good life, and it’s all because they do not love us. Why do they do not love us? Oh that’s because our daddy would not let us do what we want all the time. I mean, why aren’t our parents supportive of our drug habit? Why did they frown when we got pregnant when we were 14?

Double standard, huh? Tell that to your parents.

It’s painful, yes. But sometimes, pain is good. It is actually a good indicator that you are still alive, and that your heart is not calloused.

So here is what love is, according to what Jesus Christ has exemplified: love is looking out for the welfare of the one you love. That does not mean that you will agree with them all the time, but that it does guarantee that you feel their pain, and yes, it’s unbearable. One might go overboard by paying for the consequences of your mischief.

You see, when your daughter gets impregnated, the parents share in the shame. People will say that the parents failed to guide their daughter to the right path, and that’s painful. Yet the parents will always be there to guide their daughter when she shouts for help, generous when their kid is hungry and needy, and, distant when the daughter tells them that she doesn’t need them anymore. But the parents cannot teach their kid to stay blind when she’s called on to them for help. That’s actually the best help they can offer, which is to make them realize what went wrong so they may make it back to the right path. And in the right path, they will walk together. Carry the daughter, if it must be. 

But do not ever expect them to accompany you in walking that dark alley again.

The same holds true to many of us, Christians. We never said we were holier-than-thous; we’re actually as broken as you are. Maybe even more. But the thing is, we admit our brokenness and we cling to this Savior because we do not know how to save ourselves. I know a lot of Christians who struggle with sexual sin, whether homosexual or not. But they keep at it that way. Many times, they fail. But we do not condemn them, because we understand how hard it is to obey the commands written in the Bible. But we struggle, and we fight, because we have learned that God did not save us from our sins just so we can go back to it anytime we want. We’ve been there, and we’ve done that. And it’s always left us empty and unloved.

And of course, when we intentionally indulge in sin, we mock the sacrifice of Jesus. We inflict more pain on Him.

So there, homosexual friend. In the Bible, committing homosexual acts is a sin, just like gossip. And God is gracious to forgive us. Now if you do not believe that indulging in homosexual acts is a sin, then you will have to renounce your faith. But if you insist in becoming a Christian who wants to practice homosexuality, then you’re free to do so – what else is your free will for? Careful though, because others will have you accused of cherry-picking verses on the Bible just to suit your wants.

That’s called hypocrisy. And that’s what Jesus hated the most.

I have homosexual friends who have admitted to me their sexual orientation, and we’re still friends. I laugh with them over those stuff, and sometimes I even joke with them. Those things are the least I could do to make them feel my respect for them. And neither do I judge them based from their sexuality; a human is much much more than that. But that is because they were willing to respect themselves enough that they understand how it feels when people do not respect my Christian views too, and my personality as a whole. They know I’m a Christian, and they see no problem with that. Because as someone said, you don’t need to compromise your views just to be compassionate.

I am a Christian, and I’m all for humanity. And that’s because my God gave His all for humanity, just to prove His love. I intend to follow in His steps.

I am a Christian, and I will always believe in love. Love has won, a long time ago. There’s a lot of hatred out there, I know. But I believe that ultimately, love will win.


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