Because if I do not, I might quit.

In one of our class discussions, our professor said that if we don’t pass the Bar exams, we should not be discouraged. I was nodding as if I was a guru in overcoming failures. But what made the class laugh and ponder upon all at once was when he cracked the reason: the general rule is failing. And if you are able to pass, that’s the exception.

We all thought of the same thing— It is okay to fail.

Yet, I wonder if the depression due to a flunked grade can be easily surpassed like how I moved on from Pacquaio’s defeat. I wonder who, among the brave men of the earth, do not feel any sadness after missing their target. I believe and I resign, none. It will always be a hard time convincing oneself that it is okay, that it is fine.

Before, I thought the saddest stage in reaching our goals is the moment we stop trying. But I discovered in this chapter of my life entitled, “trying to become a lawyer” that there’s something even sadder than the saddest— the failure despite the great efforts invested. And I realized that I have a lot of excess water in my body that they splash through my eyes.

In situations like this, I have to trick myself in order to go on. It’s reminding myself that failure is inevitable. That failing is the general rule. I have to change the perception about failures that the society has embedded in me. Because if I do not, I might quit.

The heart can be discouraged easily.But if we only toil to see what is beyond every defeat and consider low times as opportunities to be better, maybe we are not that scared to try once more.If only we can understand the sweet purpose of the sabotage, maybe we can accept losing as a part of gaining.

Oh well, of course, like any other people, we will not understand it at first.

It is but normal to take a pause when we are deprived of the success we want. But, as I see it, by being too emotionally down for too long and treating the error as a shameful record, people stop and throw away everything they’ve started. People tend to succumb to the feeling of unworthiness and fail to bounce back. What they get is a distraction towards the goal and another competitive option—quitting. It is kinda tempting to turn our back when we see a long and bumpy road ahead of us.
Nevertheless, I truly believe, if we know in our hearts where we have to go, then we must continue the journey.

Failure is not the end of our venture. Take note of that. It must be just a short stop-over where we can assess ourselves and make new plans. If we think we have tried our very best and still failed, let’s not retreat. Let us try harder instead. If everything seems to have been taken away, our high hopes must remain. That’s all we can have to dust down our clothes after the fall. That’s all.

One can quit if he wants to. Besides, it is a personal decision. But I petition, that before arriving into an irrevocable decision, a considerably good fight, if not the best, must be given.
I hope and pray that whatever you are experiencing right now, you will not let failure murder your dreams. Cheers!


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