A Foreshadowing

The other week ago I was writing a series about the truth in our identity, and I had to hold it temporarily because of the tension between the pro-gay marriage and the anti. Somehow I had had to voice out my side.And I have adequately expressed last week that I am a Christian, and I hold a worldview that says that there exists a deity, and this God has one of His most fundamental attributes a Creator.

But first, before we understand what and who we are, we have to know Who made us. That’s a very basic principle, since nobody is an imitation; we are all prototypes in our own right, and nobody can use us better than the One who made us.

Why is it that we cannot be contented with just living and dying? Why aren’t we satisfied with life here on earth that we place our the fate of our lives on whatever lies beyond our reach? Why is it that there seems no end to the human greed? Why is it, that in spite of all the food and the pleasures that we have experienced – and how bloated our stomachs must be! – we still feel that sheer emptiness within us?

We all desire to have a place in, uh, somewhere. Anywhere. We have jumped from one marriage to another, and we have tasted both human and horse. And we’re still empty.

It’s because something was lost, and that is God. Heh, what’s funny is that many have challenged themselves to remove God from His place in their lives. And they have taken that seat for themselves in no time.

Take a good look at what the media’s been feeding us for decades now. It’s either they’re teaching us to be gods, or they’re trying to make us imitations of themselves. Either way, we’ve tired ourselves out by chasing an illusion. It’s all an illusion.

And we cannot blame them, because they don’t know any better. One other thing, is that they are us.

And so we have a dilemma. We keep spiraling downward with our flawed morality and a twisted image of ourselves, and I daresay this will not end until the end comes.

So how do we fix all these? Someone once told me that there are two kinds of solutions that we can make: palliative, and liberative.

Palliative is when we feel feverish and we take an antipyretic drug. Liberative is when we consult the doctor so we can identify what caused the fever in the first place. And once the cause has been identified, then we can remove it, so the fever will be gone as well.

Have you noticed that most of the problems we have in our society are nothing but a ‘symptom’ of a deeper problem? For example, in the Philippines, we have long struggled with poverty and corruption. What have the the people done about it? We expose the corrupt politicians and we oust them and we have enforced a transparency in government agendas. But I believe it’s just an antipyretic drug. Why? Because the human greed is still there. Ignorance is still there. People, when shown with an opportunity to get money in an easy way, give in. Why is that so? Because when they were kids they were influenced to covet, and commit minor thefts as a result. In the classroom, many of us have taken the easy way out, by cheating.

Most of them are up there.

And what about God? Why all these problems? It’s actually quite simple. Difficult, yet simple.

We are a foreshadowing of what God is. We long for glory, because we were made for glory. And that’s because God is glorious.

We don’t find it hard to appreciate art, because we are made to be artists in our own right. And it’s because the One who made us is one great Artist.

We desire power, and we should, because we were made to rule. And isn’t it obvious that God has one of His natures a King?

We long to be loved and accepted, and we should be, since God is love. And He has called us to a family.

And something happened. People have learned to compete to be at the top. We were encouraged to outperform others. We have wanted to be the most attractive person on the planet and we want the limelight to ourselves. We yearned for the #1 position.

And when we don’t get all those, we cry. We smoke weed. We get drunk. We cut ourselves. We cheat others. And ultimately, we take our own precious lives. 

It’s like we’re orphans.

Something had to be done.


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