Don’t kill yourself.

Some of my friends want to die. They say they are tired of this life, and that it’s not getting any better. They are tired of themselves and just want to get rid of all the disappointments this life has served. They may have thought that there will never be an end to their grief. That’s why they want to end it in their own way.

I’ll be frank. If you are reading this, and are planning to kill yourself, don’t do it. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I want you to calm down. I want you to salvage whatever life there is in you.

What’s making you want to take your life? Love problems? Mess that you cannot get away from? Disappointments? Or are you just so tired?

Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on this life.

Think of the smiles of your parents that will be broken. Think of the future, the kids you might have, the people you could help, and the changes that you are definitely going to make.

Refuse to believe that you are worthless. Don’t think that there are problems in this world that don’t have a solution. There is always a way. Maybe there isn’t, yet. But tomorrow we’ll see. We just have to entrust God with our lives although it can be so exhausting sometimes.

Don’t you ever think that dying is the only way for you to be finally free.

Life’s been throwing us lemons, I know. But problems are there for us to understand life as it is. Life is not a game where we can click the pause or exit button. We have to fight back and we are supposed to do so.

This is L-I-F-E and this is worth fighting for.

How many organizations are there defending the right of every person to live? Yes, you have the right to do with whatever you want with your life, but certainly your parents had that more when they could have just chosen to abort you. But they didn’t, did they?

If you’re thinking that no one loves you, you are wrong. Do you think your family doesn’t? They’re may not be able to richly express it, but dude, they do. They may know only a small deal of love, but the little they know of, that’s what they’ve given you.

They appreciate your little things and forgive your actions, whether they were gruesome, or more gruesome. When they keep on scolding you, they just want you to be good.

You thought you will never make them proud of you.

That’s all you wanted, right? Well, they might not be the most expressive people on earth, but they are. They proudly tell their friends about you. You’re at times stubborn but they love you more than you think they do. They will surely miss your presence and your beautiful brokenness.

And of course, they won’t tell you that you’re beautiful and priceless, but I’ll bet you are the best treasure that they will ever have.

Do you think dying is a way for people to realize your worth? Think again. You don’t know. If God would tell you in heaven that those people who attended your wake had wept bitterly, including your ex and your enemy, what would you feel? Happy because your death is not in vain? Oh no.

The truth is, even before you die, they already value you, to the extent that your foe couldn’t get you out of his head. And how he prays to the Seven every night, just like Arya Stark! I’ll wager your name is always mentioned last.

There. Oh how beautiful that smile is. And there has never been a more beautiful sight!

People hurt us but that’s how it is.

We do not have the perfect friends and family, and that’s to complement your imperfection. If that was not so, then you’ll be complaining nonstop why you’re not perfect when your family is!

Yes, people might be telling many good things about you in facebook or in a non-virtual way, well, not because you are dead, but because you are loved, my dear. Don’t kill yourself because you want people to regret. Yes, they will but the greatest regret will be yours. You will miss all the other great things that God will do in your life.

So I want you to stay alive. Don’t kill yourself. Never think of attempting this because you will certainly not like what will happen next. Until our time here on earth is up, let’s face life with gladness and courage in our hearts.

Be still. God loves you, so keep going. Okay?


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