The Gospel

You know what, they’re liars. They have made us believe that we can still make this world a better place. They have given us false hopes by showing us solutions to our problems on hunger, morality, economy, peace, and other pressing concerns.
But the truth is, our fate has already been sealed since the first Adam failed. Many scientists agree that at one point in time, the universe was in perfect order. To be precise, at the beginning. Since then, slowly, and slowly, the universe has gone from order to disorder. From peace, to chaos. Entropy, they call it. And there will come a time when this universe we’ve ever known will end.

I know it’s hard to believe, but if we’d just look at the news, it’s not hard to admit that this world is coming to an end. It’s as if Earth has a terminal illness, and what we’re doing is just prolonging the inevitable, and taking away the pain. And what’s sad is that we are the ones responsible for its destruction.

We have been corrupted. And if there’s to be a new Heaven and a new Earth, then we will have to be left behind. We should not be there, because we will be the cause of its destruction, again.

“If we were to create a Utopian society, which religion do you suggest we should adopt?” my friend asked me. Of course, he was expecting me to endorse Christianity, since I am a Christian. Plus, that ought to mean that the God of Christianity is the true God.

My belief is, there shouldn’t be one. If we are to live in a perfect society, all our ways must be forsaken, and we should evolve to a higher sentient being.

Money should be gone. Medicines, schools, stock market, politics, media, tanks and nuclear warheads, even our jobs – these are just the least of the things that must be gone. Everything that was introduced by man, must be gone. For in the perfect society, all the laws and rules must be perfect. And when we look at the way we live, it’s not hard to admit that it’s too far from perfection. 

Yes, condoms and the legalization of same-sex marriage might help in lessening the transfer of HIV, but it still doesn’t enforce us to be faithful to our partners and loving toward our enemies. We are ever thirsty for love.

Money helps us to give what is due a person’s hard toils, but it does nothing to satiate our appetite for more gold and glory.

Drugs are important to help us rid of diseases, but they’re only there when we have a problem, not before. We still don’t take good care of our health, after all. And people die much younger than before.

Politics is a good idea, yes, but the people given with the power do not always do the right and the best thing at all times; worse, it becomes a magnifying glass of what a monster man has become.

The legal system is good, since it strives to give justice to those who deserve it, but really, when was justice really served, and fast? And, how frequently?

And what about education? The idea of it is a good one, just like everything else. But not all can afford to get the education they need, and not all learn in the same way and rate. Not just that, but also, not everyone takes up the degree that’s most suited to his capabilities and talents, not to mention his desires. Sadly, even one’s educational attainment has become a part of belonging to the status quo.

Religion isn’t any better. Tell me, pray, for all the traditions we uphold and the dogmas we have faith in, where is the proof of transformation? All we’ve become are bigots and hypocrites, all accusers of another and blind to one’s own sorrow.

And the media, well, does anybody know and still broadcast the truth nowadays?

It’s all going downhill – from mortality rates to our twisted morality, from the celebration of being dumb to the shame in being different; while those who vie for the top positions are drowning in glory and insecurity, the poor are left unattended and lacking. In the end, it’s just the sepulchre waiting for us. Oh, this world is just going to be one big graveyard one day. 

Valar Morghulis. All men must die.

Why do we even desire for a Utopian society? Why crave for perfection when all we see are decimation and chaos? We desire for what we don’t have, eh? How did we come up with those desires then?

It’s because we have to transcend into higher human beings. We have to evolve, if that’s what Science’s term for transformation for the better is. And what we should attain is perfection, because all other goals short of it will still result to the same thing. There’s no other goal worth hoping for.

Okay then. So how to we achieve the perfect society aside from setting aside all our flawed ways? The next step is to find the perfect human – devoid of all human filth and imperfection.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that for a mere human being, like you and me, to attain that, he must isolate himself from society and meditate in the mountains or wherever humans have no influence over. He must not eat or drink, for there he must forsake all the old ways of a human. And he has to meditate a lot, for enlightenment to dawn on him. 

Seems like a modern-day Buddha, or Jesus, to me. However, what if he dies of thirst before he becomes an Enlightened One? For me, as long as we still wear this same skin, we can never rid ourselves of the need to eat or sleep or drink.

Now this is the part where you might not agree with me, because this is where our faith might differ.

I was born in a big family, and we grew up finding it hard to make ends meet. One day I was so frustrated with life, and angry with my father that I asked him why he did not practice family planning. He said they did, but it just so happened that you know, my stepmom would still get knocked up. Then he asked me this one question: which of your siblings do you wish to have not been born at all? 

To my dismay I gave a name. Now that I have grown up, I take it back.

Now at the heart of the Gospel I have found that He is a Father, and it’s so hard for him to “wish his children haven’t been born at all.”

It’s so heartbreaking for him to separate between those who’ll go to the new Earth and those who’ll get left behind to suffer chaos. 

By the way, people have been confused into thinking that we will be in Heaven forever. That is not true. We will go there, temporarily. But when all is said and done, and all the trumpets sounded, we will go to a new Earth – a purged Earth, where the old order of things will pass away.

He promised that there will be no more death nor darkness nor pain, for the old order of things will be no more. It’s a brilliant plan, and what’s amazing is that even nonreligious luminaries could think of no better solution than that. We need to start all over again, and we need to leave everything that’s short of perfection behind.

It’s not an evil plan, because all we’re thinking about is the future, and there’s no other way to move forward than to leave all the baggages behind. Even my not-so-Christian friends could agree with this plan; can we call them heartless? They even said that they will have to be left behind, because there’s no other way.

But actually, there is.

I suggested to my friend, that if we’re going to choose only a select group of people to live in the perfect society, then that someone who would personally hand-pick them must be a perfect person, because only he can tell us what perfection is.

And this is my belief: that that person is none other than Jesus Christ.

“I am an historian, I am not a believer, but I must confess as a historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is irrevocably the very center of history,” admitted H.G. Wells.

What surprised me is that Nietzsche said that “the word ‘Christianity’ is already a misunderstanding — in reality there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross.”

Mahatma Gandhi, who could have been a Christian had he only seen Jesus’ Christians practicing his teachings, admitted that Jesus was “a man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world.”

Now here’s something I found on the internet which made me doubt, and had me researching a lot, just to quench my incredulity. This was from Napoleon Bonaparte: “Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded his empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him.”

He even went further to say that “I know men; and I tell you that Jesus Christ is not a man. Superficial minds see a resemblance between Christ and the founders of empires, and the gods of other religions. That resemblance doesn’t exist.”

And don’t let me begin quoting Francis Collins, Augusto Curie, Blaise Pascal, and other well-accomplished folks in the field of Science.

I have read criticisms on the life of Jesus, and in the possibility of the New Testament as a fabrication of what really happened in that wrinkle in time. But those manuscripts have been validated by Archeologists, and Jesus’ existence was told by secular historians. Basically we even have “more evidence that Jesus Christ existed more than Socrates did,” to quote something I’ve read on the web.

And do not believe the schemes of the others in casting doubt in the authenticity of the Bible. It is a historical book, and the one that we can hold and read today is 99% accurate. It was passed down from generation to generation, and the 1% catch is just nothing but ink smears and misspellings. Experts have confirmed that it doesn’t change the message in the Bible. Yes, it was translated from Aramaic/Greek to English, and there’s the problem, since there are differences in contexts and writing styles, as well as the writer’s original intention and the original audience, but there’s the wonder in it. That in all their differences, they all point to Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

As I’ve mentioned a while ago, there are those who’ve criticized Jesus. But all the compliments given by the most prominent figures in history far outweighs the criticisms thrown by the not-so-prominent. Indeed, you cannot please everyone.

Perhaps the only thing that makes Christianity different from all the other world religions is that it encourages everyone to get the chance to meet this God, who is too complicated and too transcended for us to fully understand. Be His name Jehovah, or Coconut Oil, it makes no matter, since no single name cannot fathom the depths of who He really is. Aside from that, it’s how you know this God that makes all the difference.

You could address this God in many names and could even imagine him having a lot of personalities, which is true, but there’s one thing above all that He wanted to communicate to all of us through the Second Adam, which is Jesus Christ – that God is love.

Now I believe that God can transform a lowly man like me to a greater one not just because he promised it in the Bible, but because I have seen that promise fulfilled in the lives of a few people I know. They are, for me, the evidence that transcendence is possible. And it is not by dieting or by giving donations to charity that we become transformed people; it’s by looking at the example showed by this only Christian who died on a tree, as Nietzsche explained.

Now I believe that it is possible for God to bring us all to the new Earth. But the thing is, how transformed are we? Heck, if Jesus died just to establish a religion then he is very foolish man, and nothing more than the man who says that he is a blade of grass.

What’s sad is that many won’t make it to the other world, and not all of those who profess that they are Christians will be saved.

Now how does one become transformed? Oh it’s easy. Just like what Nietzsche said, we have to forsake our old ways and let the new man sprout out. But that can only happen once you let the Transcendent Man teach you. For me, that is Jesus. 

The Gospel is that there is hope for us, and this does not depend on who our parents were, or what our position in the government is. The money each of us makes won’t be the touchstone, either. All the other flawed ways we live by will not make it to the other world, so there’s no point in screening people based on those.

The only thing that matters is your choice.

Now, each of us has to believe whether Jesus Christ is the person whom he claims to be, or not. There’s no middle ground, because Jesus told us that if we would believe his claim, then we will have to believe his words – his teachings and his promises alike.

There’s a scene in the Bible wherein Jesus was asking his disciples “who do people say I am?” Then he goes on to say, “How about you, Peter, who am I?”

I imagine him asking me that question, and I have made my choice. You will have to make yours, too. 


One thought on “The Gospel

  1. Thanks for mentioning Nietzsche. If we are going to analyze what he had written in his works and treatises, we will realize that he has a point and he is no Atheist. Yes, perhaps, he is an Anti-Christ who hates Christianity, who can blame him anyway? Christians (most of them) are hypocrites, right? He is right by saying that God is Dead and we have killed him. People have killed God by replacing everything He had said to us humans by the time the dead sea scrolls were created. People have killed God by revising the Gospel every now and then. People have killed Him when we created the Gospel and telling the entire Earth and Heavens that “This is The Bible; This is the word of our Lord” when in reality it is not because it is the word of the humans who want to destroy the true words of the Lord.

    By the way, you are an excellent writer, Jesus 😉

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