When Your Sister Visits Home

I wasn’t able to update my blog last weekend, and I felt terrible about it.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve felt this, though. Many times I would have myself reminded of the fact that the perfect timing does not exist. We have to get our butts to work. Sometimes we even have to start doing it before we feel like doing it, if it makes any sense.

But sometimes, we let it all go, to give way to something – or someone way more important.

My sister came home, though for a short time. But nonetheless we had a great time together; she even summoned my girlfriend to accompany us in some of our short trips! 

We talked a lot, to be sure. And in those conversations I learned a lot.

First is that when you listen, and I mean genuinely listen to someone speak, you give yourself the random chance to learn something, or in my case, realize something. Many times we think that for us to learn or figure something out, all we need is to lock the doors and bar the gates. Those are actually good in some cases. However, there’s a better chance of learning when we hear another person speak, because of the fact that most of the time, we don’t think the same way. Our perspectives might differ, and that might make all the difference.

Second is there ought to be a healthy balance between spending one’s time working for the ones you love, and working out with the ones you love. There’s a thin line there that separates a loved one from a financier. You know what I mean, yes? Sometimes our parents work relentlessly to the point that the only faces their kids see are those of their former presidents and national heroes.

Lastly, we have to make wise use of our time. A couple of times last weekend I warned my sister not to disturb me because I was writing, and all my warnings were for naught. I couldn’t figure out which part of “do not enter the room” she did not understand, but I’m so glad she didn’t, because I realized that my family matters far more than anyone who’ll read this. We are the same flesh and blood, and we share a common cause and love. 

In a couple of months she’s going to get married – what does an updated blog stand against that fact?

We protect and care for our own. If we are not going to invest ourselves on our loved ones, then who will? If we are not going to teach them about life, in all its intricacies and mundaneness, then who should they turn to?

Of course, we’re back to our daily routines, and everything that occured a few days ago seems surreal to me. We look so alike, and think so alike, but she’s become so mature since she left the protection of our roof to live on her own.

Next time she comes home I’ll even deactivate my Facebook account.


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