Making Sense of Unconditional Kindness

I work as a freelance writer, and my latest boss didn’t pay me a single cent for all those times I worked tirelessly. I had my misgivings, but I decided to trust him despite his failure to pay me up front and his unprofessionalism. Now I’m broke, and unemployed as of the moment.

But I forgave him. I made sure I expressed my forgiveness well before we parted. After that, he cut our communication. It sounds crazy, especially on my part, to not harbour any anger. Logically, I should be angered. I deserve to be angry. To be honest, I did, but only for a short time. Right now, I’m still feeling the pain of betrayal and dishonesty. But I’m not holding anything against him anymore. I will let God be God.

Don’t worry, I’m not posting all these as a rant on my blog, or to ask you to give me a job; I have a point to make, and it’s a good one. But before we arrive at that, let me tell you another story.

I have this friend who loves playing Dota 2. I was addicted to the game before, and right now I still enjoy it, albeit not as frequently as I used to. Now this friend of mine recently lost his mom to cancer, and he only has his siblings to rely on, since their father passed on a decade ago. I bumped into him sometime last year, and we reacquainted with each other. I learned that he keeps on playing Dota 2 every night and sleeps during the day. It didn’t make sense to me at first, but after keeping close contact, I found out that they do not sleep comfortably during the night because their power was cut off for not being able to pay their electrical bills. My heart was pierced.

Now what I did was I kept him company during the following months: I sacrificed sleep and the comfort of working at home to stay with him while he played Dota 2. I didn’t know how else to help him, since he couldn’t find any work, partly because he didn’t finish college, again for lack of money. During those times, I would treat him to breakfast (since he would go home when the mosquitos are gone in the morning), and even pay for his computer usage. My girlfriend would get angry since it was I who kept on sacrificing needlessly. She kept on asking, “What would you even get out of it?” To be honest, I kept on asking myself the same question. I was spending too much on someone who won’t even massage my back after paying for him for months, even though it was plain to see that I had no profit from it.

But as a Christian, it made sense to me. Remember the story about a shepherd who left his 99 sheep and looked for the one that was lost? It occurred to me that I would have no better opportunity to tell him that God loves him than by keeping him company, and making sure that he wouldn’t be with the wrong people. If he had to be addicted to something, then let it be Dota 2 than drugs. I kept telling myself that even if I couldn’t urge him to come to church, but if I made him feel loved and cared for, if I could make him feel accepted for all his brokenness, then that would be enough for me.

I don’t know what happened, but right now he’s doing really fine. He still doesn’t have a job yet, but he has money. You see, I invested on him and we made sure that the little amount of money we chipped in the game would multiply. It did, and he sold his items on game for real money. And right now, he keeps on applying for jobs on BPO companies nearby. I don’t know how he got the self-confidence which he didn’t have before.

Here’s the greatest part: just this weekend he went to the cyber café we frequented, partly drunk, and kept annoying me. I was stressed that time contacting support, concerning my unpaid project. And when he saw my face, he kept on asking me if I wanted something to eat. I kept on refusing, while he kept on persisting to buy me anything. Then I told him that he shouldn’t spend his money so carelessly. He then told me something which brings me to tears even right now as I’m writing this: Don’t you say that. After all you’ve done for me, this is the least that I could do to repay you. Let me buy you something at least.

I tell you, even if I could take back all the money I’ve spent for him to help me get by today and in the following days, I wouldn’t do it. Being kind to others is one thing; seeing them become better because you helped them is another. And I think to myself, maybe this is the reason why God tells us to love even our enemies, and to forgive them. And all those stuff that don’t make sense at all.

Maybe at some point in our lives, we too have been broken. And God used someone to help us, even in unorthodox ways, so we could get back on our feet again and start fighting for a better life. On the outset, we’d ask the person what profit he would get from it, and he might not even give us a good answer. But I guess it’s that he’s rooting for us, and he’s hoping that his good deeds might water us so we might grow and become stronger and better.

Maybe, just maybe, we might come to realize that in this world of selfishness and hatred, there exists love and grace. Maybe there is God, really. And what better way to point them to God than to live by the example of His Son, who dined with the undesirables and died for everyone?

It’s not that it happens in all cases, that everyone we do good to come to appreciate our sacrifice, but some do. And we can never know whom that person is. That’s why we have to be kind. Who knows if your kindness is God’s way of reaching that person’s heart.







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