Monday = Wonday

The day we’ve always been dreading for has come again! You might be asking yourself what ever happened to your weekend. I know, I’m sort of asking myself too. But hey, for a change, why don’t we try to tweak something in our perspective about Mondays? After all, we’re just going to have to deal with it, so why not deal with it gracefully and gladly?

If you have already read my blog post last week about my being jobless and broke, then I’m here to announce that I have gotten myself a job again. This time, my client’s been paying me diligently after every output I’ve sent her. And as a plus, my job is writing a book with a Christian orientation. Even though it’s a ghostwriting position, I can’t be one to complain when I know I’m writing it for my King’s glory and my co-kings’ and queens’ welfare.

A while ago, I chatted with my brother, who lives in Manila (capital city of my country, and is a twelve-hour drive away from here). He was kind of complaining about his busyness. Then his wife rebuked him, saying that he has no one to blame for it except himself; he prayed for his projects, so he has no right to complain when God heard and granted his prayers. And he’s right. You know, being broke and jobless instills a really bad feeling. I was only unemployed for a couple of weeks, but I felt really terrible. I felt like I was wasting my time, merely breathing and not contributing for the creative and redemptive enterprise of God in this world. And although I could think of some things I could do in those days, but the feeling that I couldn’t save up money for the future wouldn’t leave me alone.

Definitely, my God was doing something in me in those times. I know it. And I gained some valuable lessons when I was broke. You see, having an empty pocket gives you a lot of insight. And in those times, I learned how I had succumbed to a defeated mentality. Before, I was brimming with enthusiasm and creativity. I felt like a child who could accomplish just about anything if I set my mind on it.

Then, life happened. I defined my worth as something that can be measured through what I earn. My clients became my boss, and I felt down whenever my article would be returned with remarks prodding me to revise it. I felt defeated, cheap, and unloved.

And in those times, God met me in my brokenness. He proved to me that my worth does not depend on my performance, and does not diminish even if I fail Him. He provided for me when I was broke, although of course, I learned to cope with whatever I could scrounge. He brought me back to the days when I would be happy to write so that I could inspire and inform others, and not just to make a living. I learned to hope for the things I don’t have yet, and to set my sights on greater heights.

I’ll be very busy for the week, and I will be relying on coffee and Hillsong to help me get the job done. I am very happy though, not merely because I have a job again, but because I can work, and that I can serve. I am excited for this week, and I know that no matter what happens, I will tell you good things about my life in my next blog post. It is won, and all our present and future hurdles are vital for our betterment.

Thank you for reading this. I want you to know that you’re beautiful, and that you’re meant for great things. Don’t ever doubt that, okay? And let me hear about how you’re going to seize this week. Happy Wonday to us! Here’s to a happy week!


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