For my Zenith

It’s Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I have qualms about celebrating this with my loved one. I, for one, don’t like the idea of people having dates simultaneously, and at the same restaurant. I don’t like that. Thus, we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day despite the fact that we’ve been together for almost four years now.

My girlfriend’s name is Zhe Nah, and I like to think of her as my zenith. Her name’s very unique, and it is one thing that I like most about her.

Zhe Nah and I have very little things in common — I love chocolates and sweets; she doesn’t (despite the fact that she’s a woman); I enjoy solitude, while she has about 17 bestfriends. She loves outdoor sports, while I fancy reading. I could probably list a thousand things which we do not agree on, and still find a thousand more. But she loves me, more than I could ever imagine. Heck, if she didn’t, she would never have stuck with me with all the things we argue about.

And I love her too, so much, that I could never imagine living life without her, or loving someone else besides her. If I didn’t, I would never have compromised my standards and my position on things. But I know she did the same, maybe even more, when she chose to open up her heart to me.

I am very far from the person whom she dreams of marrying one day, but my heart is very close to hers, and I promised to God that I would never let her go. I may have broken a lot of promises before, but I intend to make good on this one.

I don’t know if you are going to have a date today, but if you don’t have one, don’t rush it. Don’t disdain this season of singleness, for you’re going to miss it once you have already begun treading this path that I’m taking. You know, it’s really nice to do things your way, and to have the opportunity to become the best possible partner there is. When it’s time to pursue (or be pursued), you’ll know you have used your time well.

I personally regret the time when I confessed my feelings and my intentions to her, for I wasn’t very much ready for a relationship that time. But there’s no use crying over spilled milk, is there? And when I read about a married couple’s testimony on how they started out in their lives as two people living under the same roof, I could only gasp at how they managed to stay together when they didn’t have the things they had now. And by the way, most of them didn’t start well either.

But you have that opportunity which we have failed to grab. If we didn’t start well, then surely you can learn from our mistakes and make certain that you will not rush into a relationship when you’re not really ready for it. It is good to rely on God’s grace, as it is in our case. But it is better, way better, to wait on God’s perfect timing. Trust me.

You know the phrase when others would say that if they could turn back the time, they would do it in the same way they did? I don’t. If I could turn back time, I would prepare way better than the way I did before, so that I could love my girlfriend better. So that I could treat her better; perhaps like a princess. And she deserves to be treated that way, even now.. Especially now. So that’s what I’m going to do later. I may not have much, but I have my love for her and my God. I will make good use of them.

But as for you, please, wait for it. Pursue your selfish goals, because you might not get to have the luxury to even dream of it later on. Get in love with the Lord, and learn the ways of a true royalty as early as now. And as Brooke Ligertwood has sung in one of her songs, when it’s time to walk that way, walk it well. Promise me that. Promise yourself and your future spouse that. Promise God that.


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