Then You Came Along

I have been on this war

For as long as I can remember

Sticks and stones

I had to keep it all to myself

I fought side by side with God

I thought I had it all figured out

I was wounded, yet very much alive

Was hard-pressed on, yet very much free

Then you came along

Someone I least expected

You brought a different light

Like Aurora Borealis on a tropical sky

I got mesmerized, bedazzled

By such beauty in front of me revealed

All my life I’ve been missing you

As a tender of my wounds, and my inspiration

Yet I hope we wouldn’t get side-tracked

By our little follies and idolatries

May we fight this fight together

With God as our only mender

May we emerge victoriously

Sure we can count the losses

But let us cherish these hymns

Songs of an approaching morning

And may we draw strength from these

As surely as the sun rises, we can find peace

Within or without ourselves

For apart from God, all will be meaningless.


This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend; today’s her birthday,  as well as our third anniversary. She always requests (nag would be more appropriate) me to write a poem for her even though I’m not a good poet. I love her so so much.



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