To Our Fourth and Beyond

This is one of the ways in which I will express my love for you, as well as my happiness for the three years that we have been together. I know this lacks flair and that this won’t awaken the butterflies that are residing in your stomach. But true love does not always appear in the form of a diamond ring or felt with the aid of a violin playing in the background. My love is one that comes as a fertilizer so you may grow, and a goad, that you may develop and exercise fortitude, meekness, and hope and faith.

Our relationship is an art. Like any other artwork, our love requires work. Literally, that means that I will have to consign with you to agree to disagree most of the time and to compromise with my ideals. That would mean that I will not be able to talk with you regarding the cosmos, politics, and philosophies. In the same vein, you won’t be able to get my full attention regarding your overwhelming paperwork, crammed daytime schedule, and all those alien jargon that includes CSS, C++, and Java. I just can’t fall in love with technology the same way you do, so we’re even. I may never be able to create a video documenting the three years that we have been together like you, but I have my own means.

Our love, like art, cannot be rushed. Forget that you’re 25 and that I am 26; if we want to live life to the fullest then we have to get to the next level at the ripe time – God’s time, if I may. Never mind that some of our friends and colleagues are saying their vows, settling down, and having another copy of themselves crying and pooping and driving them nuts every night.

Our relationship can have critics and admirers. That should mean that we can be judged either by people who know nothing about art or may only have a little and confined understanding of it. Let them do so, for we can empathize with them – we too, have had our own skyrocketing standards regarding relationships and the traits that our partner should have. For now, we are enjoying the admiration of others, but let us set things straight: how much we love each other, and how good we are in thriving as a couple cannot, and should never be measured by how many likes we get. We can have a date and not post about it on social media, and not worry about how other people will react. We can have an argument and keep cool about it when we’re in front of others, knowing that involving other people will further worsen it – we have learned from experience, and it has taught us well. Others have the freedom to join the bandwagon, but let us remember that at the end of the day, when the crowds have gone home, when all the applause have died down, it will just be me, you, and God.

Finally, like art, our love is something that has a message to tell, and a purpose to achieve. And only those who see things the way we do and know us as a couple can understand and appreciate for what our relationship is worth. Remember early on when I said that we will raise the bar for this generation to emulate? In a sense, we can be proud of this thing that we have between us, but in another, we still have a lot of areas to improve at, both individually and as a couple.


You keep complaining about how you are getting fat, but that only means that I was able to reassure you enough that no matter how many pounds you gain, my love for you will never waver. We have ourselves, and to our disappointment, we are not perfectly compatible with each other. We already knew this beforehand, yet I still pursued you. Thankfully, you didn’t make things very hard for me either. But unlike the others, we do not intend to look for another one. That is our concerted effort to make our relationship work. I think, that out of all the wrong things that happened in our lives, and the wrong decisions we have made, we have at least this one we can consider right: that we have ourselves, and that is because we choose each other every single day, despite the fact that this world has a lot of people who cannot be contented with just having one partner, and staying true to it for the rest of their lives. We show them how we will accept each other for our miry past and our messy present, but will not accept to have an ugly future. No, we will break our backs and remain firm regardless of whatever happens in this world. We are living for a higher purpose, and we are looking at the perfect Standard. Let’s keep at it. And while we’re at it, let’s enjoy the view. I love you.

Going to our Fourth and Beyond.


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