I never wanted to write about this subject. Not through this medium. Not at this time. However, I am convinced that I somehow need to share my view on this sooner or later. So why not now? Eight years ago, I was studying to become a nurse. I was a very conceited person back then … More Hyper-Graced

Poor in Spirit

Indeed, for us to treat money rightly, we have to first get our thinking correctly. Most of us fall into the trap thinking that money is an end, when it is only one of the means that God uses to accomplish his purpose. Also, money is one of the surest way to reveal a person’s real personality, as well as the god he serves. … More Poor in Spirit

A Little Longer

My mind woke to the sound of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy being played like a lullaby. I promised to be awake until it was time, but the tiredness my body suffered from the journey, paired with the comforting embrace of the AC made it impossible for me to stay true to what I swore. “Did … More A Little Longer