Little Blessings

Today, I’m expecting to stay awake for another 18 hours or so. This has become my norm since I started working at this company. I’m still adjusting to the work environment, but my greatest hurdle is waking up at 4 or 5am and arriving home at about 10pm. I’m staying at my brother’s house, and place I’m working at is very far. Also, my brother leaves home at about 6:30am to avoid the heavy traffic going to Manila. And, if conditions become too unfavorable, would cost him P5000 if he arrives late.

That’s what I’m thanking God for today. We left home at 5am because he had to go somewhere else first before coming to work. And, to our dismay, conditions were almost too unfavorable for him: One person my brother was supposed to pick up at a certain time arrived late, and on top of it, we experienced very heavy traffic.

We already accepted the fact that he would be paying the P5000 fine, because he was obviously late. But upon arriving at our destination, we found out that the meeting was just about to start! We didn’t voice it out loud, but we were very relieved.

Many of us do not have the things we’ve been praying for for God knows how long. But sometimes, it serves us well to consider the little blessings that we have right now: Many of us have a job, good health, good people surrounding us; heck, we even have some change to buy things which many consider as luxuries.

But blessed are the ones who feel relieved and thank God for the littlest things: Yesterday, we experienced a life-threatening situation which could have made it to the evening’s headlines, but we didn’t. That the mere fact that we arrived safely at our destination was the thing we thanked God for.

I know I’ve written this post very terribly. I don’t have enough time to put some embellishments, nor any desire to do so. I don’t even have any time to read through this a second time. But I am very thankful because right now, I would be able to write what I would like to; in fifteen minutes I will be writing ten articles which aren’t to my liking.

This very act, this very post, is one of my little blessings today. How about you? What’s the little blessing that you most usually forget to thank God for? May I suggest that you offer a second of your time to smile and count yourself very fortunate for having it?




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