And words are all I have.

I want to make it my goal for this year to finish Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace; I have been procrastinating for far too long, and I would never be able to forgive myself if I forfeited the opportunity to read such a great book.

Today, I read something which made me do a quick introspection. It wasn’t anything I have never read before; neither is it something which most of you don’t know. But in the grand scheme of things, it pays well to step out from living our lives and attempt to see things from a more distant perspective. For when we find the time to pause and reflect, then we see how relevant (or irrelevant) are the things that we busy ourselves with most of the time.

Who is right and who is wrong? No one! But if you are alive — live: Tomorrow you’ll die as I might have died an hour ago. And is it worth tormenting oneself, when one has only a moment of life in comparison with eternity?”

When I was young, I wanted to do great things. I wanted to be a published writer and get international renown. I wanted people to listen to me, just as I have always listened to them.

Now, when I die, I just want people to walk up to my grave and think of me as someone who was never great, but one who did his best to do whatever he believed to be right. My strength has faltered many times, and my words didn’t quite rhyme. But I would be happy to be remembered by as someone who tried despite his fears.

I don’t have much to offer for this world in all its woes and flaws. What I do have is my words, or perhaps my relentless fumbling for the right words to say.

My words are all I have. With them is my life. Whatever you have done in the past, or have failed to do, please find yourself worthy of the good I have done for you. Everything I write, I write for you. And if I was able to inspire you in any way, or present to you a different perspective which could have helped you face a crippling predicament, then my life would have not been for naught.

You are not for naught.


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