Contemplations on Avalon

I like my job. Here I met many people who are like me in many ways: eccentric, contemplative, creative, and dynamic. Okay, not many of them are. But I am really overwhelmed by the curious fact that many of my workmates are left-handed, just like me. Statistically speaking, there are only about 10% of the world’s total population belonging to my group. But so much on this topic.

Many of my workmates are geeky, and it’s funny how we all enjoy the board/card game named Avalon. I won’t go into much detail, but it’s a battle between good and evil, and the ones who can persuade the participants better can have the upper hand. Its main inspiration is the legend of King Arthur, with Merlin and Percival guiding the rest of the good people. Many, especially on the evil side, have a special role to play as they can deceive the others into thinking that they are actually good. Good people are basically like sheep — they just hope that the good ones will surface and tell them which of the participants belong to the dark side. However, others can act very well and pretend to be Merlin, the one good character who knows who the bad people are, save for Mordred.

And I think, many of us Christians are like that. We are just like the loyal servants of Arthur who initially see everyone else as good and would remain unsuspecting until we find out in the end that the bad people are already winning. That is when we, with our face in our hands, regret how we did not exert additional effort to perceive who is pretending to be good. That is when we remember to take every opinion with a grain of salt and be sensitive enough to know if the accounts do not really add up. And because we weren’t inquisitive enough, and that we trusted too easily, we could not find who really is on our side, and that caused us to lose the game.

Only that in Christianity, there is only one round, and we won’t get a foresight of everyone else surrounding us, who could be bombarding us with teachings that appear to be true, or music that could be compromised. Furthermore, we weren’t very vigilant in finding out whether those who profess their Christianity really practice it to the book, and by the book.

Then we would realize that these people who teach us “Christian” teachings are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, even they might not be aware of it.

Our enemy is brilliant. He’s cunning, and I don’t like it when Christians do not take the enemy seriously. I mean, he’s been here way longer than we were, and he knows us more than we think he does.

That is why I urge you, loyal servants of the King, to be mindful of whatever teaching that’s being taught at your churches. I’m not saying that your pastors and priests and religious leaders are evil people; I am saying that we all are bad people saved by God’s grace. And just because we were saved doesn’t automatically mean that we will never make any mistakes, or believe a wrong thinking any longer.

I once believed in Prosperity Gospel. I once belonged to a legalistic church. Now, I don’t believe that I know the Gospel in its entirety; I don’t, and perhaps never will. That is why I make it a habit to question everything that’s being taught to me and think it through. Most importantly, I compare it with what the Bible says. And if the teaching doesn’t line up with what the entirety of the Bible says, then it’s either God purposed to hide the answer to me, or that the teaching itself is flawed. Is wrong. Is bad. Is counterfeit.

The time has come for Christians to use their head, along with their heart and spirit, in living for the Lord. We are living in dangerous times, and if we are not careful, we might find out we were fooled a little too late.


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