5 Things Christians can do for the Philippines

We should always be careful about what we pray for, because God will always hear them. In my case, I took the lyrics of a song so seriously that I prayed God would grant it:

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

You are correct. That is from Hillsong’s Hosanna.

Just so you know, our country is in a very precarious situation right now. Our Peso is getting weaker by the day, which means a lot of things. Crimes are neither curbed nor mitigated. Prices of goods are becoming more and more expensive, while we are slowly severing ties with other countries. Many investors are pulling out of the country, and our hard-earned efforts to take our rightful claim at the West Philippine Sea seem to be put to waste. That is not taking into account the amount of debt that we are incurring, as well as the rise to power of politicians whom we have proven to be corrupt.

Of course God is in control. And He knows our situation. And He knows what to do.

But most of us don’t have a clue of what God wants to accomplish with all the difficulties that our country is facing. Also, many of us don’t know what we must do.

Should we care about our country? Absolutely! Must we join the rallies and spark debate on social media? Probably not.

So what can we Christians do to help our country? Here are five ways.

1) Get over Yourself

If you are still worrying about what you will eat, drink, or wear for tomorrow, then you may be worshipping a very small and incompetent god.

I have a good and powerful God. The One who can breathe out stars and do the impossible. The One who can heal the sick and make mountains jump into the sea. The One who does not count my sins against me and the One who can give me good things (which I always don’t deserve) and love me unconditionally.

Should we have the same God, then I suggest you stop worrying about tomorrow, because God’s got it covered. He is in control.

2) Repent

This is one of the best examples of good acts turned bad out of sheer ignorance. Repentance is a very good act, which obviously doesn’t mean we’d flagellate our backs and walk on our knees for miles.

Repentance means that if you’re used to smoking, you will stop because you realize that it’s bad for your health. You might have been watching pornography but you will want to stop because you don’t want to be socially conditioned into turning women into pleasure objects and into believing that cheap sex is gratifying.

That’s repentance. Jesus saved you from sin because sin is something that will bring you harm.

3) Get out of Your Church

This will raise some eyebrows, I know. I spent most of my Christian years in the church. There were times when I would skip classes just to serve in the church. There were moments when I would drag others to the church instead of bringing the church to them. There were times when my life revolved around my church. Which is idolatry by the way.

Church is good. It’s undoubtedly the best avenue to get to know God. But spending too much time in the church leads us into thinking that our Christian duty is contained there. Believe me.

Jesus went to the world, and he healed the sick, challenged the social, political, and moral hierarchy, and preached the good news to the unchurched.

Does your church still believe that God can do wonders, heal the sick, and liberate people from their shackles? If yes, can you still see such miracles today? If not, then maybe you have become too familiar with yourselves and your dogma to the extent that you are forgetting what heaven tastes like.

4) Do Your Thing

Of all the suggestions I could offer, this one is my favorite. Contrary to the notion that we were saved just to wait for heaven to come, God actually saved us for a purpose. And that is to work. Jesus said that in heaven, God is working. Even during his ministry, he was working. Also, he said that his food is to do God’s will.

In other words, I am referring to our purpose, both collectively and individually. Some are called to be full-time ministers or musicians. Others are called to be part timers. Some are called to be full-time moms, at least for the time being (and I salute them), while some are called to be noble entrepreneurs who could haul in a lot of money to fuel the ministry of the Lord.

Few are called to be like me, who is writing right now and is urging you both to think and to be informed, while others are called to warn the country of an approaching typhoon. Others are called to build bridges or do their own stuff.

The Church is a body composed of many parts. And if you fail to do your part, not only will the Church suffer, but the entire country as well.

So what is your food?

5) Lock Your Door

What I mean is, close your door, turn off your phone, and start spending some time with the Lord. If your prayer life is composed of reading the daily devotions only, then you are missing out on life. If your prayers are more about you talking, then there’s definitely a problem here.

God made a promise that those who seek Him with all their heart will find Him. Those who’d wrestle with themselves and refrain from talking will actually hear the still gentle voice of God. Once that happens, you can officially announce that you have a real relationship with God.

It doesn’t have to be a forceful one; I have observed God to be a timid God at first, and will only speak His mind and pour out His heart to you once you have decided that you will seek Him and listen with all of your being. He’s a gentleman.

But don’t you do it without the Bible, for you might mistake your own opinions to be the voice of God. Read the Bible, but read your dictionary and concordance as well. Read a lot of good Christian materials which will help you understand the Bible even more.

Once you’ve done so, ask God for what He wants you to do. I tell you, what that thing is, that is the very thing that this country needs. And I tell you, nobody else can do it in the same way you can.

Now go to your room and lock the door.


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