A Little Longer

My mind woke to the sound of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy being played like a lullaby. I promised to be awake until it was time, but the tiredness my body suffered from the journey, paired with the comforting embrace of the AC made it impossible for me to stay true to what I swore. “Did … More A Little Longer

For my Zenith

It’s Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I have qualms about celebrating this with my loved one. I, for one, don’t like the idea of people having dates simultaneously, and at the same restaurant. I don’t like that. Thus, we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day despite the fact that we’ve been together for almost four years … More For my Zenith


I remember watching Narcos. At first, my friend kept blabbering about it, as if I would be interested in a story about a certain man named Pablo Escobar, who ran a massive cocaine cartel in Colombia. To be honest, I didn’t want to watch it, because I was fed up with the idea of fighting … More Vindication

Speak Up

Here in the Philippines, politics has already become a steaming topic especially on social media. And no amount of foodporning or eSports or whatever else under the sun can block that topic from gaining everybody’s attention. I don’t know why. Let me state up front that as a Christian, I believe that reviving death penalty … More Speak Up

Blame the Lemon

Whenever I look at my books, i ask myself if I can really become someone with prefix Atty. before my name. It always puzzles me, whether I was right about what I think I am. Whether or not my dream matches my capability. Or am I just insanely courageous? LOL. Do I really know myself? … More Blame the Lemon

Alive, Nonetheless

Whenever I leave the house, I would make it a habit of looking at the faces of everyone that I would meet – some wear sullen faces, others blank and pale, while others seem to have drifting thoughts. Maybe they’re worrying about their bills or their health or their partners. Maybe some of them are … More Alive, Nonetheless