Published Soliloquies

Writing is an impossible task—scribbling each opening paragraph feels like an uphill battle, and with each title and body you give, you feel like you’re writing from scratch (you are). But at the same time, you feel you’re also writing on the shoulders of your younger self, whose vocabulary you have to forgive, and whose stubborn passion you have to compliment.

Furthermore, writing is not like many professions because this obliges you to make your words speak as loud as your actions. After all, in writing, your words are your actions.

As a budding writer, I have already written a number of works that are published on different sites. I have already written hundreds, and somehow, they seem like orphans, feeling misplaced, waiting for a grand reunion with my other soliloquies. I am merely granting their wish.

This is where I will compile them. This will also function like a portfolio, where some of my best works will be found. I know it’s not much for many, but for me, it’s a testament of the many grueling nights and my enduring faith that I will continue to impact others, be it one or two. I will only be including my favorites, as there are over hundreds of published articles to my name.

I hope that as you read my works, you will get to know me more than a person whose brain meanders through times and seasons, and whose throat is parched for things ethereal and eternal.

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